Have you ever caught yourself saying something that you remember your mother or father saying to you years earlier, or finding you are using a certain product because they did?  Do you still use it because you trusted their judgment in certain areas or are your reasons more sentimental? Whatever they are, I’m reminded of the old hymn, “Gimme That ol’ Time Religion”, in which the verses say, “It has saved our father, it was good enough for mother”. How “good enough” our parents did some things made a lot of sense, and so, we tend to continue on in their steps, almost creating new family traditions. And maybe those traditions include what your view of church is also. I’ve heard countless times, “I’m a (denomination) because that’s what mom and dad were. My      parents had it figured out, so I believe what they believed”. Well, if that is so, can you explain what they believed and what criteria they used to reach their decision? 1 Cor. 3:8 says, “every man shall receive his own reward according to his own labor”. That may be comforting and disturbing to you at the same time. Comforting in that Ezekiel 18 explains that we will not be held responsible for the bad done by our fathers, neither will they bear any of our iniquities, but it may be disturbing because it lays the responsibility for all our actions rightfully upon our own individual doorsteps. It is an easy thing to change away from your father’s ways when all he used to drive were Nash Ramblers. We would be hard pressed to continue in his footsteps today. Too many of us, however, blindly accept our father’s view of God, formed from a life experience completely removed from our own. Entering eternal peace on your father’s coattails is not Scriptural. God has sons and daughters, not grandchildren. What was good enough for dad and mom may leave you far short, being not good enough for God.

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