“Come out from among them and be ye separate”. So quotes the apostle Paul in II Corinthians 6:17. The call is to repent and turn away from all those old, filthy actions unto a new life, devoted to and ordered by God. The term separation has come to mean many different things to many people. To some religious groups it has the intimation of keeping to your own denomination lest you may be negatively influenced against your present beliefs or standards. Taking that another step brings isolation and exclusion of anyone, for any reason, who’s one of us”. We in America are more attuned to the separation of church and state. Christians want the government out of their faith and practice and most assuredly the world wants Christian faith kept to itself. The call to separate is really for committed Christians to leave behind the old life with its self gratification and pleasure seeking, but it’s not just leaving. It’s turning your back upon them, building a wall, and living a life in total opposition to worldly pursuits. How are American churches responding to this call? The Gallup Poll of a couple years ago found that          although the US population consists of 60 million confessing Christians, they found no difference between them and the general population. Their discernment was no longer the black and white of wrong or right but shades of grey. If you would read further into verse 18, separating from the world is only the beginning, the second step being received of God and becoming His son or daughter. True separation only comes as one pursues after the things of God and not after the things of man. It is then that man-made laws to preserve doctrines and keep oneself separate become needless, for as you become more like Christ, the world will want to separate itself from you.

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